Information from MMT.

Condo ComplexUnit #AddressCityBedroomsBathsYear BuiltDays On MarketApx Living AreaSelling PriceClose Date
Alabama Sands101117 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2219978896$291,000 4/15/2022
Alabama Sands91117 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2219972896$291,000 3/21/2022
Bel Sole6021920 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200641539$630,000 3/28/2022
Bel Sole12021920 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores332006421539$685,000 5/4/2022
Bel Sole11031920 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200601988$850,000 5/3/2022
Bel Sole10021920 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200761539$690,000 3/25/2022
Bel Sole11021920 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200691539$665,000 4/29/2022
Buena Vista204633 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198311045$405,000 1/3/2022
Buena Vista102633 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198361256$629,900 4/5/2022
Crystal Shores201921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222004471056$510,000 1/7/2022
Crystal Shores904921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200461056$535,000 3/28/2022
Crystal Shores307921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222004121056$597,500 3/25/2022
Crystal Shores606921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2220041331056$505,000 2/4/2022
Crystal Shores907921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222004881056$535,000 1/20/2022
Crystal Shores1405921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222004291056$675,000 4/22/2022
Crystal Shores706921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200431056$555,000 3/28/2022
Crystal Shores306921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200431056$535,000 2/21/2022
Crystal Shores707921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2220042041056$518,000 1/31/2022
Crystal Shores702921 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200431056$561,000 4/29/2022
Crystal Shores WestP1404931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores44200622633$1,025,000 4/4/2022
Crystal Shores West1101931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores332006351531$745,000 2/4/2022
Crystal Shores West503931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200601103$589,000 3/15/2022
Crystal Shores West105931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200621103$615,000 3/25/2022
Crystal Shores West1402931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores44200622200$1,025,000 3/10/2022
Crystal Shores West1208931 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200631531$775,000 2/15/2022
Crystal Tower5061010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200601042$515,000 4/27/2022
Crystal Tower6031010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222006641042$465,000 1/24/2022
Crystal Tower5081010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222006941042$449,000 2/24/2022
Crystal Tower9071010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200611042$510,000 3/15/2022
Crystal Tower12041010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200621042$515,000 4/12/2022
Crystal Tower19021010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200631042$531,500 4/5/2022
Crystal Tower8041010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200621042$540,000 4/29/2022
Crystal Tower14081010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2220061461042$485,000 1/24/2022
Crystal Tower5041010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222006531042$469,000 1/15/2022
Crystal Tower6061010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2220062141042$480,000 1/25/2022
Crystal Tower18031010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200621042$536,500 5/4/2022
Crystal Tower3021010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200621042$475,000 2/18/2022
Crystal Tower10081010 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200691042$495,000 2/7/2022
Edgewater West921007 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198331152$480,000 4/20/2022
Edgewater West341007 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219831311152$454,500 2/1/2022
Fort Morgan TownhomesE 91616 W State Highway 180Gulf Shores2219845950$450,000 4/8/2022
Four Cs1031485 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2220065980$311,000 4/6/2022
Four Cs1011485 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2220063945$320,000 4/14/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet606C1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119873565$335,000 3/29/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet203 B1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219872700$350,000 5/2/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet907A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1120072486$255,550 4/13/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet902A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11198586516$253,000 1/14/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet308A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119850565$340,000 4/18/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet707a1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219850960$460,000 5/2/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet#A3021832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11198696490$264,900 1/14/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet314-A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119853485$305,000 3/16/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet502B1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219870700$362,000 5/5/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet506A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119852485$285,000 4/6/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet208-A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119854565$350,000 4/19/2022
Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet211 A1832 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119850485$299,000 4/26/2022
Gulf Tower4A1051 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221984161000$445,000 3/25/2022
Gulf Tower3D1051 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198441000$459,000 2/25/2022
Gulf Tower14E1051 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores321984982000$640,000 4/25/2022
Gulf Village3111027 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198448840$382,500 1/31/2022
Gulf Village1111027 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198451840$345,000 2/25/2022
Gulf Village2121027 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198428840$469,000 4/12/2022
Gulf Village1081027 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores21198411840$349,900 3/21/2022
Gulf Village3121027 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221984262840$370,000 3/29/2022
Harbor House17B913 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198064792$388,000 3/3/2022
Harbor HouseB-25913 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores211980128792$339,900 3/15/2022
Heron Landing111964 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22199761024$403,000 5/3/2022
Island Royale403809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200101013$565,000 2/15/2022
Island RoyaleP101809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200191276$729,000 4/4/2022
Island RoyaleP303809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200231013$505,000 1/31/2022
Island Royale1004809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200101013$548,000 3/18/2022
Island Royale1002809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200101013$568,000 3/24/2022
Island Royale902809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200101013$563,000 2/18/2022
Island Royale705809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200121013$565,000 2/28/2022
Island RoyaleP103809 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200111013$574,000 4/8/2022
Island Tower2001521 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores332005191621$789,000 1/5/2022
Island Tower2102521 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200521597$899,000 4/26/2022
Island Winds East710333 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198339821$425,000 1/7/2022
Island Winds East801333 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198361234$625,000 3/18/2022
Island Winds West371407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198345821$435,000 3/11/2022
Island Winds West678407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198360821$485,000 3/14/2022
Island Winds West471407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198392821$439,000 1/7/2022
Island Winds West778407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219830821$536,000 4/25/2022
Island Winds West473407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198326821$500,000 3/16/2022
Island Winds West578407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198311821$540,000 4/12/2022
Island Winds West171407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221983202821$449,000 2/1/2022
Island Winds West173407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198392821$460,000 4/12/2022
Island Winds West480407 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198301234$575,000 3/17/2022
Lagoon Landing1061772 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198414825$335,000 2/11/2022
Lagoon Landing3021772 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198441022$403,500 2/28/2022
Lagoon Landing2031772 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119849515$263,000 1/5/2022
Lagoon Run1081784 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198411056$410,000 1/7/2022
Lagoon Run2091784 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219848948$334,000 1/14/2022
Lagoon Sun71037 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores11198431608$199,500 2/18/2022
Lagoon Tower9021940 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200521803$775,000 5/6/2022
Lagoon ViewB1476 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores3319931711500$475,000 1/18/2022
Laguna BellaB-81948 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219840992$349,900 3/11/2022
Laguna Sands1384-A1372 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores4320062072025$625,000 5/4/2022
Lani Kai130729 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221982130856$380,000 2/11/2022
Lani Kai120728 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198016856$350,500 5/10/2022
Las Palmas122930 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219832643$315,000 2/25/2022
Las Palmas220930 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198343643$300,000 1/5/2022
Las Palmas223930 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219831643$321,000 3/18/2022
Las Palmas114930 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219833643$319,000 5/4/2022
Las Palmas217930 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219833643$318,000 3/23/2022
Moonraker131118 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11199417480$225,000 4/27/2022
Moonraker161118 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119801420$199,900 2/8/2022
Moonraker111118 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11199410420$185,000 1/14/2022
Moonraker361118 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119954600$230,000 3/15/2022
Ocean Echo201331 W 1st AvenueGulf Shores221987751013$377,500 3/11/2022
Ocean Reef302507 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119821720$365,000 3/7/2022
Ocean Reef101507 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119824572$325,000 4/25/2022
Ocean Reef402507 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119822720$365,000 3/4/2022
Oceania2825 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores442006823970$1,510,000 3/9/2022
Paradise Isle2A620 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119962531$225,000 2/7/2022
Paradise Isle9620 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119961531$249,000 4/29/2022
Paradise Isle17620 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119962531$1,050,000 4/15/2022
Park ViewB2022200 W 2nd StreetGulf Shores221996721014$180,000 1/20/2022
Park View201-E2200 W 2nd StreetGulf Shores321998621215$225,000 3/10/2022
Phoenix All Suites W1203533 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1120067634$310,000 3/14/2022
Phoenix All Suites W603533 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores112006197634$315,000 1/11/2022
Phoenix All Suites W1003533 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores112006101634$317,500 3/15/2022
Phoenix All Suites W502533 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1120063634$315,000 3/11/2022
Phoenix Gulf Shores701801 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores43201701948$1,400,000 4/1/2022
Phoenix Gulf Shores403801 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores332018421717$1,125,000 1/21/2022
Phoenix Gulf Shores2001801 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores4320171741948$1,300,000 1/28/2022
Phoenix Gulf Shores1501801 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores4320151751948$1,325,000 2/18/2022
Phoenix Gulf Shores1201801 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores43201731948$1,475,000 3/25/2022
Phoenix Gulf Towers25B323008 W Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach332022951866$1,100,000 3/31/2022
Phoenix Gulf Towers50123008 W Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach442022762090$1,275,000 1/14/2022
Phoenix Gulf Towers60323008 W Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach33202201880$1,150,000 3/23/2022
Phoenix Gulf Towers100323008 W Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach3320221871866$1,165,000 4/18/2022
Sandpiper9C1069 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221983155862$340,000 3/11/2022
Sandpiper9B1069 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219837862$411,000 3/18/2022
Sanibel10061524 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores222006971236$515,000 2/25/2022
Sanibel17021524 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22200701236$550,000 3/14/2022
Sanibel2031524 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores432007842544$775,000 4/11/2022
Sanibel17011524 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200721536$660,000 1/31/2022
Sea & Sun1031138 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119827420$207,000 4/29/2022
Sea Glass204903 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11202110954$630,000 4/22/2022
Sea Horse4221500 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119831724$315,000 3/10/2022
Sea Horse1121500 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119834724$309,000 3/10/2022
Sea Horse4211500 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores21198394724$310,000 2/25/2022
Sea Horse6111500 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores21198339724$284,000 2/10/2022
Sea OatsB-1051872 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198321416$461,000 3/4/2022
Seacrest4071117 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11199610615$388,000 2/10/2022
Seacrest7091117 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219961930$510,000 2/9/2022
Seacrest9071117 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119961615$392,000 3/1/2022
Seacrest8071117 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores111996105615$395,000 3/15/2022
Spyglass104-B1101 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198437828$373,500 2/15/2022
Spyglass105-B1101 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219842831$390,000 4/15/2022
Summer House WestB1061988 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119849640$319,900 4/5/2022
Summer House WestA2041988 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198431280$392,000 4/27/2022
Sun Chase2031129 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119847660$420,000 4/25/2022
Sun Chase3111129 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119842660$400,000 4/7/2022
Sun Chase3051129 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119843660$365,000 2/10/2022
Sun Chase1081129 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores21198418660$320,000 3/4/2022
Sun Chase2111129 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119843660$385,000 3/7/2022
SundialD-31149 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores32198491225$418,500 1/18/2022
SundialE-11149 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores221985861030$371,500 2/25/2022
Sunrise Village1141159 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119820520$310,000 3/10/2022
Sunrise Village2171159 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119824520$320,000 3/25/2022
Sunrise Village1161159 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2119820520$375,000 4/29/2022
Sunrise Village2181159 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores21198181650$300,000 3/3/2022
Surfside Shores I1505969 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219945780$485,000 3/14/2022
Surfside Shores I1401 B969 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33199441049$658,000 4/25/2022
Surfside Shores II2203965 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22199410780$465,000 2/18/2022
Surfside Shores II2704965 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores2219943800$532,000 4/29/2022
The CoveA-106920 W Lagoon DrGulf Shores1119864500$229,000 2/23/2022
The Cove101-B920 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores11198434500$205,000 1/14/2022
The CoveA205920 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2219860600$284,500 3/24/2022
The Cove203B920 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2219842750$300,000 4/27/2022
The Dunes7021380 W Highway 180Gulf Shores12200138737$302,000 2/28/2022
The Dunes7041380 W Highway 180Gulf Shores12200122737$294,000 2/11/2022
The Dunes5051380 W Highway 180Gulf Shores12200138737$307,725 1/7/2022
The Dunes5081380 W State Highway 180Gulf Shores222001211978$382,000 3/18/2022
The Dunes4011380 W Highway 180Gulf Shores222001155978$360,000 3/4/2022
The Ridge204430 W Fort Morgan HwyGulf Shores3220041241389$267,000 2/4/2022
The Ridge1001430 W Ft Morgan RdGulf Shores32200581458$312,000 2/25/2022
The Village7D1144 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119857712$245,000 2/1/2022
The Village3D1144 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22198581934$321,600 3/18/2022
Three Cs1031477 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores2220042945$287,000 2/25/2022
Tropic Isles804433 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1120005704$435,000 4/6/2022
Tropic Isles403433 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11200010704$435,000 1/7/2022
Tropical Winds1011003 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33199621370$604,000 3/15/2022
Tropical Winds2021003 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22199611065$520,000 4/29/2022
Tropical Winds7021003 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores22199621065$535,000 4/20/2022
Twelve PalmsA116 W 5th AvenueGulf Shores552006123700$660,000 3/4/2022
Venetian Isle3113 W 6th AvenueGulf Shores211982355944$237,511 4/22/2022
Venetian Isle6113 W 6th AvenueGulf Shores21198263944$250,000 5/3/2022
Westwind202939 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores11199711700$454,500 5/6/2022
Westwind603939 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores1119974700$440,000 4/27/2022